One of the most popular Departments that attracts almost a hundred patients every day is the Physiotherapy Department of the MGMC.

The Physiotherapy Department remains open from 8:30 in the morning to 5:00 in the evening and the charge is merely Rs.100/- per session per day irrespective of the number of procedures required by the patient. The ultimate aim is to provide comfort and to restore ones physical capabilities.

The Department is equipped with the latest machines including the IFT, Laser, SWD, Ultrasound, Traction, TENS etc.

In addition the Department has recently been equipped with the following Machines for enhanced pain management and relief;

  • BTL Combination Therapy Machine
  • BTL Shock Wave Therapy
  • Laser Machine

The specialized Physiotherapists and the attendants give personal care and attention to the physical wellbeing of the patient and advising exercises required to mobilize and restore the aching joints and muscles of the human body.

Various procedures including Paraffin Wax Bath, Hydrocullator Pack, Cold Pack and Cryotherapy, Static Cycle, Shoulder Wheel & Pulley, Ankle Exerciser, Compression Therapy etc. are administered to patients as may be required.

The Senior Physiotherapists also specialize in treating sports related injuries.

Senior citizens are given special care. The MGMC Physiotherapy Department is one of the largest in South Delhi and several interns and students also come here for practical training.