Cardiology Department

Two senior Cardiologist visit the MGMC and attend to 15-20 patients every day. The Cardiology Department is equipped with the latest ECG, ECHO, TMT machines and medical opinion is provided to patients for further investigations and treatment. Arrangements exist to handle emergencies including oxygen, defibrillator, glucose administration etc. The Cardiac Lab is air-conditioned and located on the 2nd floor of the Building. Only OPD is presently available.

Dental Department

Three senior Dentists assisted by a team of at least eight experienced Dentists visit the MGMC and attend to 50-60 patients every day. The Dental Department is equipped with a Dental X-Ray machine and eight Dental Chairs. The senior Dental Doctor on duty closely directs and supervises the dental procedures including handling difficult cases to ensure that all patients leave the dental department satisfied. Making of dentures is outsourced to skilled dental technicians. Rates of dental procedures are very reasonable and competitive.

All dental instruments are sterilized in the autoclave every day to prevent any infection.

Ear, Nose & Throat (ent)  Department

Two senior and experienced ENT consultants visit the MGMC and attend to 20-30 patients every day. On site ear check up and cleaning is undertaken by the doctors. Hard of hearing patients are even checked with the latest Audio Meter Machine and treatment and advice offered as may be necessary. Minor procedures are undertaken by the Doctors. The ENT Department has all the necessary instruments which are sterilized in the autoclave every day.

Gynecology Department

Three senior, well qualified and experienced Gynecologists visit the MGMC and attend to 15-20 patients every day. Gynec advice and treatment is offered and minor procedures undertaken.

Patients cannot be admitted since this is only a day care centre. No Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) is undertaken at MGMC.

Homeopathic Department

The Homeopathic Department at the MGMC is also very popular where patients wait to discuss and find cure for their ailments where they believe that nothing but homeopathic can cure – they have confidence and the homeopathic pills work. Behind this faith, MGMC has a very old and an experience hand who has been practicing at this hospital for almost thirty years and has treated hundreds of patients. Joined by this experienced doctor is another qualified homeopathic doctor who has a depth of knowledge of medicines and ailments.

Orthopedic Department

Four senior, well qualified and experienced Orthopedics visit the MGMC and attend to 20-30 patients every day. There are patients requiring advice and treatment against Arthritis, Joint Pains, replacement of hip and knees or need medical and surgical attention against simple or multiple fractures of bones or plastering of broken or damaged bones – our Orthopedic Department provides all such services. There are a wide range of orthopedic procedures that are undertaken at site and physiotherapy recommended as may be required.


One of the most popular Departments that attracts over a hundred patients every day is the Physiotherapy Department of the MGMC.

The Physiotherapy Department remains open from 8:30 in the morning to 7:00 in the evening and the charge is merely Rs.100/- per session per day irrespective of the number of procedures required by the patient. The ultimate aim is to provide comfort and to restore ones physical capabilities.

The Department is equipped with the latest machines including the IFT, Laser, SWD, Ultrasound, Traction, TENS etc.

The specialized Physiotherapists and the attendants give personal care and attention to the physical well being of the patient and advising exercises required to mobilize and restore the aching joints and muscles of the human body.

Various procedures including Paraffin Wax Bath, Hydrocullator Pack , Cold Pack and Cryotherapy, Static Cycle, Shoulder Wheel & Pulley, Ankle Exerciser, Compression Therapy etc are administered to patients as may be required.

The Senior Physiotherapists also specialize in treating sports related injuries.

Senior citizens are given special care. The MGMC Physiotherapy Department is one of the largest in South Delhi and several interns and students also come here for practical training.

Radiology (Digital X-Rays, Ultrasound, Color Dopler)

Equipped with the latest state of the art equipment that includes Agfa Digital X-Rays, Siemens Ultrasound and Color Doppler and a very competent and qualified Doctor who is personally responsible for examining patients for Ultrasound, the MGMC presents itself as one of the best and most reasonable Departments.

Medical opinion is given on the X-Rays and Ultrasound procedures. No pre-natal sex determination is done at MGMC.

Skin (Dermatology) Department

Three senior doctors / skin specialists including one of the very senior specialist who also is qualified and experienced in treating the Skin, STD and Allergy related cases visit the MGMC and provide treatment and advice to 10-15 patients every day. Patients are advised on oral hygiene and cleanliness to avoid skin problems.

Surgical Department

The Surgical Department and the Operation Theaters of the MGMC are located on the 2nd floor of MGMC.

The Operation Theater is well equipped with the state of art equipment and lighting system and is fully air-conditioned. Access to the Operation Theater is restricted to the surgeons, patients and the OT staff.

All surgeries are done in the Operation Theaters which are properly maintained where high standards of sanitation and sterilization observed to avoid any infection.

All surgical instruments are sterilized in the autoclave on daily basis after usage.

The MGMC is proud to have the services of three senior, experienced general surgeons who are more than competent in performing general surgeries which can be handled during day care itself.

Cataract surgeries are also undertaken by Eye Surgeons who have access to the OT.

General Medicine

Five senior and experienced doctors and consultants who specialize in general medicine, cardiology, chest, diabetes, kidney and liver and other diseases that affect the human body visit the MGMC and attend to 75-100 patients every day. Routine check-up and treatment of school children of the Mata Gujri Public School is done four times a week.

Commonly used medicines are prescribed and dispensed free of cost at MGMC. Tests that may be required are recommended by the Pathology Lab in the MGMC. However, tests such as CT Scan and MRI which cannot be done in MGMC for lack of equipment are referred to outside sources at concessional rates. The Doctors are normally always very busy and there is a waiting period of half an hour.

Opthalmology  Department

One has to see the number of patients waiting outside the MGMC Eye Department to gauge its popularity and the need for well qualified, experienced and skilled ophthalmologists, eye surgeons who specialize in examining the minutest ailments of the eye and prescribing treatment and care. Seven very senior and qualified Doctors visit the MGMC and treat over 30 patients everyday and also perform cataract surgeries as may be required.

The MGMC offers Cataract Surgery packages which are very reasonable and subsidized with several options. The MGMC has latest eye testing equipment and a pleasant atmosphere with well meaning doctors committed to service and providing healthy eyesight and vision to the needy, aged and poor.

Pathology Lab

Investigations & Tests

  • All routine and specialized Haemotology Bio Chemistry, Hormone assays, Cancer marker, Elisa, Pap smear are done in the MGMC Pathology Lab on equipment supplied by reputed suppliers by Roche, Transasia, Tocho etc.
  • Same day reporting is done for most of the investigations.
  • Regular control checks and quality is maintained.
  • All tests are done on fully automated instruments and best quality reagents used to ensure accuracy.


  • All Laboratory tests are done under the supervision of senior qualified Pathologist (MBBS-M) with an experience of more than 30 years.
  • MGMC has a full time team of dedicated, trained and qualified technicians with an experience of 5-25 years.


  • Being a charitable hospital MGMC is charging highly subsidized rates.


Collection Timings
  • Fasting Samples : 08:30 to 10:30 (Mon to Sat) except Public Holidays
  • Lab timings: 08:30 to 4:00 PM


Four senior, experienced, well qualified Pediatricians visit the MGMC and attend to 15-20 children every day. Younger children from the Mata Gujri Public School are also referred to these Pediatricians.

The Pediatricians counsel the parents in child care to ensure that the children remain healthy. Tests as required are done in the MGMC Pathology Lab.

General Check Up

The MGMC has a general health check up plan which includes a consultation with a General Physician and diagnostic tests that include a Chest X-Ray, an ECG, Blood Sugar fasting and PP, HB, Urine Routine, BP/Pulse Beat. Patients are generally counseled on health issues and referred to specialists for chronic and complex diseases.

General Health and Medical Check Up is scheduled on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.