Skin (Dermatology) Department

Three senior doctors / skin specialists including one of the very senior specialist who also is qualified and experienced in treating the Skin, STD and Allergy related cases visit the MGMC and provide treatment and advice to 10-15 patients every day. Patients are advised on oral hygiene and cleanliness to avoid skin problems.

The Department of Dermatology at Mata Gujri Medical Centre is devoted to treating all skin, hair, nail and sexually transmitted diseases. The department is supported by the most renowned Dermatologists of the city, to provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment. We cater to people from all walks of life and different socioeconomic backgrounds, commonly treating infectious diseases of the skin caused due to overcrowding and poor hygiene practices. Our aim is to not only treat the patient but to educate them and their family members on basic hygiene practices and prevention of further infections.

Common conditions which are treated on a daily basis in the department of dermatology include- fungal infections, herpes, chicken pox, hair fall, hair thinning, acne, nail infections, bacterial infections of the skin, boils, allergies and many more.