Opthalmology Department

One has to see the number of patients waiting outside the MGMC Eye Department to gauge its popularity and the need for well qualified, experienced and skilled ophthalmologists, eye surgeons who specialize in examining the minutest ailments of the eye and prescribing treatment and care. Six to seven very senior and qualified Doctors visit the MGMC and treat over 30 patients every day and also perform cataract surgeries as may be required.

The MGMC offers Cataract Surgery packages which are very reasonable and subsidized with several options. The MGMC has latest eye testing equipment and a pleasant atmosphere with well-meaning doctors committed to service and providing healthy eyesight and vision to the needy, aged and poor.

Apart from being a multispecialty Medical Centre, MGMC offers a well-equipped Eye Department along with facility for Day Care Surgeries. The patients are seen in Eye OPD by an optometrist for vision and refraction.  The attendants help them further to be seen by well qualified ophthalmologists.  The diagnosis is made after thorough examination including intra ocular pressure, slit lamp examination and retina check.  Perimetry, OCT, Fundus photos are done as per need.

Various lasers are available to treat the ailments.  Surgeries are planned and done in a well-equipped operation theatre complex in MGMC. Phaco Emulsification is being routinely done for Cataract.  Our team of well-trained surgeons have been performing these surgeries since last many years.  We look forward to continue to serve the society in our noble work.